Joe Biden Compares Republicans to “Squealing Pigs”

Biden will be in Florida next week for the Republican convention.

It’s part of their new tone…
Joe Biden compared opponents to Barack Obama’s banking bill to “squealing pigs.”
ABC Lotus reported:

Vice President Joe Biden suggested a new image to associate with Republicans who opposed Democratic efforts to toughen regulations on Wall Street, characterizing them as ” squealing pigs.”

“Over the objections where they sound like squealing pigs, over the objections of Romney and all his allies, we passed some of the toughest Wall Street regulations in history, turning Wall Street back into the allocator of capital it always has been and no longer a casino. And they want to repeal it,” Biden said at an event in Minneapolis.

Biden, who is in Minnesota for two events Tuesday followed by a stop in Detroit Wednesday, is on his first campaign swing since last week’s controversial “chains” comment.

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