Islamist Chucks Explosives at German Embassy After Prophet Insulted

A Berlin court allowed a far-right group to display provocative caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during planned demonstrations outside mosques last weekend. (On Islam)

A 54 year-old Egyptian tossed explosives at the German Embassy after the Prophet Mohammad was insulted on Sunday.
Emirates 24-7 reported, via ROP:

Egyptian police arrested a man who threw two soda cans packed with gun powder at the German embassy on Wednesday, security officials said.

One of the two cans exploded inside the embassy’s grounds, the officials said, adding that the 54-year-old man then threw a third can that did not explode at a policeman who was chasing him.

The man said he attacked the embassy because he believed German extremists insulted Prophet Mohammed, the officials said.

A far right German group had displayed a caricature of the prophet outside a Berlin mosque on Saturday amid a heavy police presence. Islamic law prohibits depictions of the prophet.

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