FOX News Employee Calls Sarah Palin a Zealot (Video)

Last night Sarah Palin was interviewed on FOX News after the RNC Convention speeches.
At the 1:34 mark it sounds like a FOX commentator called Sarah Palin a zealot.

Conservatives for Palin reported:

Before posting this video, my co-editors and I detected what we heard as someone saying the word “zealot” in the above video at 1:34 while the Governor was speaking. We verified the separate version of the video posted at RightScoop by asking the site owner and they heard it there as well.

It has now hit Twitter and Jedediah Bila says it best: “What .The. Hell.”

Absolutely unbelievable. I am no expert on microphone or feedback issues. But, I do know that two completely separate versions of the video (ours from SarahNet and the version RS put up) both have the soundbite at the exact same time mark.

Coincidentally, this happened a couple hours after Governor Palin went on to talk with Mark Levin about certain party bosses trying to strip power away from the grassroots.

Apparently some over at Fox News are so protective of Chris Christie, that an innocent “got to that point” comment on his speech was enough for someone over there to refer to Governor Palin as a “zealot.” Whoever said it will probably go on unknown and given their reporting throughout the entire primary process, I cannot say we can expect Fox News to come forward and offer the Governor an apology.

But they still owe her one. Whatever their problem is, this was a completely unprofessional move by Fox News. Enough is enough!

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