Ann Coulter: Selfish Swine Todd Akin Is Going to Hurt the Republican Party (Video)

Ann Coulter had a few choice words on Hannity tonight for isolated Missouri Republican Todd Akin.
“This selfish swine is going to hurt the Republican Party.”

Mediaite reported on the exchange:

“This selfish swine, Todd Akin, is going to hurt the Republican Party,” Coulter bluntly said.

The two then lamented what they see as a double-standard in which President Barack Obama is “utterly silent on Bill Maher, silent on Romney being called a ‘murderer’, causing this woman’s cancer. He is silent on the ‘felony’ talk. He is saying that Republicans want dirty air and water. He doesn’t get called out for it. This is a campaign of smear and slander.”

Coulter agreed, adding that “Todd Akin is being attacked for saying stupid about rape. The Democrats’ keynote speaker [Bill Clinton] is someone who was credibly accused of rape. […] We can’t have a war on women because the Democrats have won that war between Teddy Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Anthony Weiner.”

“We have gone from an easy win to a loss,” Coulter lamented. “And you might say, what Todd Akin cares about is stop overruling Roe v. Wade. I don’t think he does.”

“What he cares about is his own ego,” she continued. “He was showing off, fancy footwork and what he knows about the medical impact of rape on a woman’s body. He has harmed the Republican Party, and this is not a time to be fooling around.”

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