Outraged Palestinian Journalists Refuse Strip Search During Clinton’s Visit

This is what happens when your society glorifies suicide bombers.

The outraged Palestinian journalists boycotted the press conference rather than submitting to a strip search. (Maan News)

A group of Palestinian journalists on Monday refused to attend a press conference of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Jerusalem after Israel’s internal security service demanded they be strip searched. The Palestinians are well known for strapping bombs to their bodies and blowing themselves up in crowds.
Press TV reported:

An Israeli security officer has tried to force four Palestinian journalists undress during a security check at the US Consulate in al-Quds (Jerusalem).

The four Palestinians, who intended to cover the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton’s meeting with Palestinian Authority’s Premier Salam Fayyad in al-Quds, were told by an Israeli officer to strip during an ordinary inspection.

The journalists refused the order and left the building in protest to the abuse.

“Only Palestinian reporters were told to take off their clothes,” Mohammed Abu Khadir, one of the four journalists said.

The Palestinians had been invited to the press conference by the US Consulate in al-Quds.

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