GOP Donor Threatens to Sue DCCC For Calling Him a Pimp

Conservative billionaire Sheldon Adelson threatened to sue the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee unles they retract and apologize for a letter calling him a pimp of Chinese prostitutes.

The DCCC sent this outrageous letter out to supporters in Wisconsin.

The Las Vegas Sun reported:


In a scathing letter to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Sheldon Adelson’s lawyer accused the organization of “maliciously branding Mr. Adelson as a pimp” and demanded the DCCC either retract and apologize or be sued.

The three-page missive to DCCC press secretary Jesse Ferguson refers to a claim already rated “Pants on Fire” by PoitiFact because it is a claim made in a lawsuit against the Las Vegas Sands chairman, who is dominating the headlines this cycle with his SuperPAC donations. The letter demands the claim be scrubbed from the DCCC site as well as an apology — “a prominent statement, in a form approved by Mr. Adelson, retracting and apologizing for your false claims.”

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