Feds to Revise Border Agent “Run and Hide” Program

Feds to revise their border agent “Run and Hide” program following recent media and blog reports.

A pocket card handed out to Homeland Security employees in April detailing how they should handle an “active shooter” situation. (FOX News)

Homeland Security will revise its “Run and Hide” program for border agents.
Conservative Observer AZ first reported this story here, Gateway Pundit here, FoxNews here.
From Border Patrol Local 2544:

“07-03-12 Since this information was posted and after media scrutiny the agency has offered to revise and clarify this training. Despite claims to the contrary, the training was clearly mandated for all Border Patrol agents. We look forward to seeing the revised training. We see no reason agents would need this training in the first place, even with clarification. It is a complete waste of an agent’s time.”

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