Explosion at Black Knight Killer’s Apartment …Update: Apartment Booby-Trapped

An FBI team films inside the apartment of the suspected gunman as they stand on a cherry-picker in Aurora. (Daily Mail)

There was a small explosion today at the apartment of John Holmes the Batman movie killer in Aurora, Colorado.
The Daily Mail reported:

Police today surrounded the apartment of the man suspected of shooting dead at least 12 people and wounding 50 others during a late-night screening of the new Batman movie after he admitted to having explosives stored at his home.

James Holmes, 24, was arrested after entering the mall in Aurora, Colorado dressed in black and wearing a gas mask and bullet-proof vest and opening fire at random.
A San Diego woman, who identified herself as Holmes’ mother, said that her gut instinct told her that her son was responsible for what has become the state’s worst mass shooting since Columbine.

‘You have the right person,’ she told ABC. ‘I need to call the police… I need to fly out to Colorado.’
Holmes is believed to be a white American with no previous record other than a traffic ticket.

Police said Holmes, who is believed to be from North Aurora, operated on his own.
He is in police custody, and the FBI says there is no indication that incident is tied to any terrorist groups.

Police chief Dan Oates said that an apartment block in the north of Aurora had been evacuated as a consequence of the man’s claims he had explosives at his home.
Residents told how they heard a small explosion as a police robot entered the ‘booby-trapped’ apartment.

FBI agents and police used a hook and ladder fire truck to reach inside the building, footage from the scene revealed.

They put a camera at the end of 12-foot pole inside the apartment and were watching footage this morning of what the camera saw on a small television screen.

UPDATE: The apartment is booby-trapped. It may take hours or days to clear the traps.

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