65,000 Gather for Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love Conference (Video)

65,000 gathered in Dallas Ft. Worth for Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love conference this weekend.

Wow! What a huge success!
CBS DFW reported:

More than 65,000 people filled Cowboys Stadium to see one of the most polarizing figures in America: conservative radio host Glenn Beck.

Thousands of Beck supporters traveled from various states to hear his message during his “Restoring Love” event.

Patricia Mosely arrived at Cowboys Stadium early. She drove from South Carolina with her entire family to see the event.

“I came up to support Mr. Beck and the conservative movement,” she said.

Hearing Beck’s message was part of the summer vacation plans for John Kensynberg and his wife.

“Restoring the love, faith, and community, we feel that it’s time we had smaller government,” he said.

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