WTO Wants to Replace “Made in the USA” with “Made in the World” Labels

Made in the USA – Out
Made in the World – In

The World Trade Organization even has a logo for the initiative.

The World Trade Organization is moving closer to removing country-of-origin labels on products.
WND reported:

The World Trade Organization is moving closer to eliminating country-of-origin labels and replacing them with “Made in the World” initiative labels because they say we need to “reduce public opposition to free trade” and “re-engineer global governance.”

An America that prides itself on independence and celebrates that independence every year on July 4 should want absolutely no part in allowing the advancement of global governance that aims to eliminate the one thing that allows American consumers to know from where the products they buy originate: The “Made in USA” label…

…The WTO wants to replace country-of-origin labels with a World Input-Output Database – an initiative that is being funded by the European Union’s “Seventh Framework” program. Americans should be concerned and seriously question the involvement of the European Union in watering down or wiping out the “Made in USA” label.

There is a smorgasbord of non-American entities involved in a global-governance strategy that over-reaches and intrudes in our treasured right to know which products are “made in USA” and which ones are not. These non-American entities include the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, France; the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, Greece; the Conference Board Europe, Belgium; the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Spain; and the University of Groningen, Netherlands.

Let’s give them more money!

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