Right Online Friday Night- “Hating Breitbart”, Malkin and Sarah Palin (Updated)

Michelle Malkin, Jim Hoft, Dana Loesch, Ben Howe and Chris Loesch

Right Online 2012

Andrew Marcus led this effort. While introducing the movie “Hating Breitbart” he had everyone stand for a photo with their ‘Brietbart Is Here’ signs.

Here’s another shot from Andrew’s speech.


Sarh Palin mocked Obama snorting coke and eating Fido.
A Shark Tank video:

UPDATE: OK, so maybe I’m not supposed to post this. But… WE SURE HAD FUN last night in Vegas after the Occupy movie debut.

Oh, and Washington Times writer Kerry Pickett told me not to post this.
She got dragged to the stage by the guy in the zebra outfit with pigtails.

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