Enough Is Enough… Even Big NYC Libs Are Questioning Support for Obama (Video)

It’s not just union workers, Jews and black voters in North Carolina.
Even New York City libs are questioning their support for failed President Barack Obama.
NewsBusters reported:

Via NewsBusters:

Might the man who once said of himself “there’s been nobody who’s a bigger Obama supporter” vote for Mitt Romney? Maybe. On today’s Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch—ad exec, man-about-the-Hamptons and quintessential wealthy NYC liberal—declared that his support for President Obama is “wavering.”

Deutsch said that it was the bad jobs numbers of a couple weeks ago that “changed everything for me.” Reacting to Deutsch’s surprising declaration, Willie Geist broke out a variation on LBJ’s line about Walter Cronkite. Said Geist: “if I’ve lost Donny Deutsch, I’ve lost Middle America.” View the video after the jump.

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