Dem Candidate & Giffords’ Potential Successor Runs From Obama

The Democrat candidate in the special House election to succeed Gabrielle Giffords continues to run from failed President Barack Obama.
Democrat Ron Barber refused to say who he was supporting for president in the 2012 election during the last debate.

He’s still running from Obama.
The Politico reported:

When it comes to President Barack Obama and the special House election to succeed Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, there’s the personal and then there’s the political.

The personal: Days after bullets pierced his thigh and cheek in the shooting rampage last year that nearly took Giffords’s life, Ron Barber was paid a special bedside visit by the president and first lady Michelle Obama.

But as Barber seeks the seat of his onetime boss in a June 12 special election, the Democrat is loath to mention Obama’s name let alone tout any bond they formed in the dark days after the shooting spree. And that points to Barber’s biggest political problem in his race against Republican Jesse Kelly: He is running in a district where Republicans outnumber Democrats by 25,000 voters, a 6-percentage-point advantage.

Barber has studiously sought to distance himself from the White House as he seeks the seat Giffords resigned from to focus on her recovery. His campaign has refused to say whether he would have voted for the Obama-proposed health care bill, only explaining that he would support reforming certain parts of it if elected.

During a debate last month, Barber wouldn’t even say whether he would vote for Obama in November, though his campaign later clarified that he would.

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