Congratulations to Power Line on 10 Years of Blogging Greatness

They Changed the World–
Today is Power Line Blog’s 10 year anniversary.
Congratulations to John Hinderaker, Scott Johnson, Paul Mirengoff and Steven Hayward.

Scott Johnson and Paul Mirengoff from Power Line enjoy some conversation with Andrew Breitbart at the Power Line Book Awards in 2007.

Back in 2004, before the election, I ran across Power Line. I was surfing the Internet and was led to this wonderful blog of smart conservative writers. I was hooked. I just couldn’t get enough. It was later that year that Power Line broke the Rathergate story. And the world changed. The mainstream media no longer held its stranglehold on information. That was in 2004. Today, years later, my friends at Power Line are still hard at it. Please take the time to read about their tremendous success.


Ten Years: Ten Thoughts

Congratulations to my friends at Power Line.

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