Team Obama Sends in the Goons: SCREECHING LEFTISTS Try to Storm Romney Speech (Video)

Screeching Obama lackeys tried to storm a Mitt Romney event in Philadelphia on Monday.
It was sort of like the old days when Obama’s community organizing buddies would storm banks in Chicago.

As you watch this ask yourself,
“Do these people really not understand why they’re not welcome?”

National Review reported:


Progressive activists stormed the Franklin Institute this evening. They clashed with tea-party organizer Don Adams, who blocked them from entering. It was a wild, tense scene, just minutes before Mitt Romney appeared here. Adams, who is the man at the door in this video of the incident, tells NRO that the “nasty” exchange is an example of what Romney will face this fall.

Of course, the goons played victim after they were not allowed inside… And, the AP happily plays right along with the sham.

Glenn Reynolds added: They’re acting increasingly desperate, aren’t they?

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