Once Again… Obama Campaign Accepting Illegal Donations From All Over the World

In 2008, by turning off their Address Verification System, or AVS, at the Obama website, the Democratic candidate was able to raise a record $150 million in donations in one month from millions of donors from all over the world.

The Obama Camp continued to break the law and accept donations from anyone anywhere in the world during the campaign.

One reader sent in proof of the corruption.
Rezko Donation Entered at Obama Campaign website:



It took a few days to confirm, but as of this morning all four charges have posted to my CC account (see attached). Remember, these were all separate donations made by:

John Galt
Saddam Hussein
Osama Bin Laden
Bill Ayers

And I have the screenshots to prove it. Also, I made another attempt this morning to make a $10 donation under the name Tony Rezko (See attached.) And it went thru again. So reports that this has been fixed are erroneous.

Further, last night on Sheppard Smith’s 3pm-ET show this issue was brought up briefly and they cited the Obama campaign falsely claiming that this sort of thing happens at the McCain site and that they catch these errors later in the processing. Well, it took three days to process my donations and they all skated through their rigorous screening.


Rezko Donation Accepted by Obama Campaign:

Rezko Donation Charged to Credit Card:

Power Line wrote more on Obama’s massive fraud.

Here’s more from the reader.

It’s clear to me that Obama has a sophisticated system that could easily flag and reject these donations if they wished to do so. The fact that only one of my donations showed up on my CC statement within the first 24-hrs initially gave me pause that they were screening for fraud (even though I gave a completely fake address that didn’t match my card). However, when the other three donations showed up three days later, it only confirmed my worst suspicions.

A major part of what I do is analyze and digest website traffic statistics on individual websites and sort thru in the most minuscule of detail; new visitors, browser type, sales transactions, email addresses etc. This is WebStuff 101. And even the most basic Web-Analytics and database tools would allow Obama to reject these phony donations before they occur, as the McCain site does.

Further, it’s laughable that the Obama camp claim it’s too complicated to make their under-$200 donor information available. Again, even the most basic Web-Analytics and database tools would allow the Obama camp to make this info available the way McCain does.

Well, they got away with it once so why change?
The culture of corruption continues – The Obama Campaign is still accepting illegal donations from all over the world.
Even terrorist “Nidal Hasan” was able to contribute to the team this year.

Click here for the video.

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