Obama’s Campaign Strategy: Isolate and Attack “Privileged” Straight White Males

It’s time to take the white man down.
We’re getting a better picture of the left’s campaign strategy this year. We all know that Team Obama can’t run on his disastrous record and failed policies. Instead the former community organizer will use Alinsky tactics, something he taught to college students, to isolate and attack “privileged” straight white males.

Far left journalist Jose Antonio Vargas revealed the game plan in a speech at The Aspen Institute.

The Daily Caller reported:

In a wide-ranging symposium Monday called “The State of Race in America,” award-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas said that “in some ways, the soul of the heterosexual white man is a stake” in the 2012 election.

His comments were part of a larger monologue on political and social power moving to minority groups, which he said will hurt former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign.

“For everybody in this country in which America’s always been a fight,” he said, “They’re looking at him [Mitt Romney], in which everything’s been given, and we’re going, ‘OK, do you see yourself? Do you fully and comprehensively see yourself and how you fit in this?’”

The panel, hosted by the Aspen Institute, mainly addressed questions of American identity and immigration issues. It included MSNBC contributor and author Touré and Fox News political analyst Juan Williams.

You would expect no less from the Obama Campaign.

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