Marlins Baseball Manager Guillen Suspended After Praising Castro

Florida Marlins baseball manager Ozzie Guillen was suspended today after praising Marxist murderer Fidel Castro in a recent interview.

In 2007 Guillen praised Hugo Chavez – “Viva Chavez!”
Via Babalu:

Local 10 reported:


Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen has been suspended for five games amid controversy over a comment he made about Fidel Castro.

The Marlins released a statement Tuesday morning, saying, “The Marlins acknowledge the seriousness of the comments attributed to Guillen. The pain and suffering caused by Fidel Castro cannot be minimized, especially in a community filled with victims of the dictatorship.”

Time Magazine reported that Guillen said he loves Castro and respects him for staying in power so long.

Guillen spoke at a Tuesday morning news conference, apologizing again in Spanish before fielding questions in English. He said he was “very embarrassed, very sad.”

“I apologize to the people here, outside, and I’m very, very, very sorry about the problem, about what happened. I will do everything to make it better, everything in my power to make it better,” Guillen said.

Guillen has been accused of saying he loves Castro, but when asked at the news conference if he loves the former Cuban dictator, he said, “No.” The Marlins manager said the reporter in the article misinterpreted his remarks and claimed what he really said in Spanish was, “I cannot believe that someone who has hurt so many people is still alive.”

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