Muslim Mob Attacks Secularist’s Home in Spain

In a recent interview leading secularist Josep Anglada insisted there was a link between immigration and crime.

Josep Anglada has received death threats due to his stance on immigration. (Noticias)

This past weekend an immigrant mob besieged his home, made threats against him, and smashed his car windows.

Islam versus Europe
reported, via ROP:

Josep Anglada, leader of the PxC party which leads the fight against the islamisation of Catalonia and Spain, has been been besieged in his home by a hundreds-strong mob, said to consist mainly of North Africans.

For two successive days, far left organisations had organised an anti-PxC demonstration in front of the town hall in Vic, Anglada’s home city. On the second day, the mob of demonstrators, said to number around three hundred and to consist mainly of North Africans, marched to Anglada’s home. There they chanted insults to both he and his wife and made threats against him, including death threats. Anglada’s car was attacked and its windows smashed. Other cars and containers in the vicinity was also attacked and damaged. Traffic was cut off for about half an hour.

A full report was made to the police but so far no arrests have been made. Anglada has appealed for those who care about democratic values to take a strong stand against politically-motivated violence, but the Catalan establishment seems uninterested. The media has barely reported the incident.

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