Flash Mobbery Portland: Black Youths Loot Convenience Store & Attack Clerk (Video)

Flash Mobbery Portland–
A group of black youths looted a convenience store this past weekend and attacked the clerk.
KATU reported:

The youths stole everything they could grab.
KATU reported, via Free Republic:

Police are hoping the public can help identify several kids who stormed a local gas station this past Saturday night and stole everything they could grab.

On the surveillance video, one person came into the Chevron convenience store on SE 92nd and Foster. Then a second person came in and pretty soon, a large group of kids was packed into the shop. Soon, they were stealing anything they could, from drinks to gum to candy

Carlos Garcia was working Saturday night at around 11:30 p.m. when the incident happened. He said there were 16 kids in the store. Garcia said the kids grabbed anything they could and shoved items into their pockets or simply carrying them in their hands and out the door.

“My first reaction was call police because I can’t do more,” he said. “I don’t want to hurt them — they’re kids. I called the police. They don’t stop they’re just picking picking as much as they can.”

As the kids were leaving the store, there was some sort of confrontation. It didn’t end there, though. The thieves came back to the parking lot, which is when Garcia said they started throwing things at him. Garcia promptly grabbed a baseball bat and scared the kids off.

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