Baltimore Cops: Beating, Stripping & Robbing a White Man Is Not a Hate Crime (Video)

Open Season on Whitey.

It’s an Obama world.
Beating, robbing and stripping a white man by a gang of black youths is not a hate crime.

Once again, here’s the video:
(Warning on Language and Violence)


The beating of a man that was videotaped by onlookers who did nothing to stop it in downtown Baltimore will not be investigated as a hate crime, according to police.

Baltimore police say they’re looking for suspects in the beating, but no arrests have been made. The victim has not been identified, but police say he’s from Arlington, Va.

A video of the beating shows a white man getting punched in the face, with his head slamming against the pavement. He’s then robbed and stripped of his clothes. The suspects who attacked him are African American.

Baltimore County Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld, speaking on WBAL Radio Tuesday, said he doesn’t think the video depicts a hate crime, but that it is stoking “fear-mongering” and “race-baiting.” He said the case indicates “drunken opportunistic criminality.”

The victim in the video appears to be disoriented, when he gets punched.

It’s OK.
He was white.

And, here is another video of the attack. It’s worse than the first one.

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