Iran: Cleaning Up Before Nuclear Inspectors?

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Right before nuclear inspectors are permitted to enter Iran a clean up crew was spotted in satellite photos. That doesn’t seem suspicious, does it??

The Iranians were seen cleaning military site after they said they would allow UN inspectors at the facility.
Story By Eric Randal


Several anonymous diplomats told the Associated Press about satellite images of Iran cleaning up a military site after the country announced that they’ll allow nuclear inspectors in, which seems, well, suspicious.

Two diplomats told the AP the images show Iran may be “trying to erase evidence of tests of a small neutron device used to set off a nuclear explosion,” but a third diplomat said they can’t be certain that’s what they are seeing. There’s a lot of interest in what’s happening in Parchin (we showed you commercial satellite photos of the site last month) because international inspectors left after Iranian officials wouldn’t allow them to access the site. This week, Iran said they’d let the inspectors visit the site just once, but with several conditions, so any evidence that there’s cover-up looks mighty fishy. While Wednesday’s news might have everyone more more curious and feeling nervous about what Iran is up to, it doesn’t definitively answer the question of whether or not the country is working on a bomb. For now, expect the “drumbeat of war” to go on as fraught with uncertainty as ever.

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