Good-Bye Friend & Patriot Andrew Breitbart – Your Legacy Lives On

Andrew’s legacy lives on…
Breitbart Is Here

I Own The World came up with a way to honor the memory of Andrew Breitbart. Check it out. IOTW adds that you can purchase your “Breitbart Is Here” T-shirt at Anthem Studios. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Breitbart family.

I attended Andrew Breitbart’s funeral yesterday.
After the services I shared this at the reception.

Dedicated to the Shameless Bastards – You Know Who You Are

I Don’t Know Contessa Brewer
But I know Bertha Lewis. Thanks to Andrew Breitbart and Pimp James and Hooker Hannah and the brothel of illegal child prostitutes from Nicaraqua I know what it looks like when an evil organization is exposed. I know what it looks like when an ACORN Queen is caught lying and is forced to resign in disgrace. I know what it looks like when a corrupt voter fraud outfit is defunded by Congress. I know what it looks like to see the Acorn crumble.

I don’t know John Podesta
But I know Pigford. Thanks to Andrew Breitbart I know that Pigford smells worse than hog manure on a humid day. I know how the swine feeds off the government trough. And I know when a crowd cheers a white farmer getting screwed because he’s white they sound like racist pigs.

I don’t know Eric Boehlert
But I know how to stand up and fight. Thanks to Andrew Breitbart I know that ‘if there is no spit you must aquit.’ And I know that when you see an arrogant socialist with a big-ass gavel walking through a sea of new media – Put your cameras in the air, hold up your cell phones, hold up your cell phones, hold up your cell phones. -That YOU have the power- not the thug with the club.

I don’t know David Brock
But I know leadership. Thanks to Andrew Breitbart I know that leadership is by example. And sometimes leadership means you take egg on the shorts or spit in the face. And sometimes a leader has to crash a presser to expose a Weiner. Who can forget — Tell me one lie- Tell me one lie -tell me one lie tell me one lie – I know leadership because I watched Andrew lead by example.

I don’t know Joan Walsh
But I know loyalty. Thanks to Andrew Breitbart I know loyalty and friendship and that you make friends and followers by making yourself open and available. That no one is a stranger. That everyone is special.

I don’t know Saul Alinsky
But I knew Andrew Breitbart. He put shame in its place. He led by example. He was a friend.

I don’t know John Podesta or Contessa Brewer or David Brock or Saul Alinsky. But I know Andrew Breitbart. And I know Andrew started a movement. A freedom movement. An American movement. And I know in honor of Andrew we will continue this battle. In honor of Andrew Breitbart.

… FU War

The Warriors–

The staff from carries on.

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