State Department Issues Revised Travel Warning for Mexico

By Rachel Pulaski

On Wednesday the State Department issued a revised travel warning for Mexico:

According to the most recent homicide figures published by the Mexican government, 47,515 people were killed in narcotics-related violence in Mexico between December 1, 2006 and September 30, 2011, with 12,903 narcotics-related homicides in the first nine months of 2011 alone.  While most of those killed in narcotics-related violence have been members of TCOs, innocent persons have also been killed.  The number of U.S. citizens reported to the Department of State as murdered in Mexico increased from 35 in 2007 to 120 in 2011.

The rising number of kidnappings and disappearances throughout Mexico is of particular concern. Both local and expatriate communities have been victimized.  In addition, local police have been implicated in some of these incidents.  We strongly advise you to lower your profile and avoid displaying any evidence of wealth that might draw attention. 

This warning comes one week after five Juarez police officers were murdered.  All police officers in Juarez were told to flee their homes and go into hiding.


CBS reported via NewsNM:

In a speech made by President Obama in El Paso last year he declared that the border was safe and some people would never be satisfied. Unfortunately the number of atrocities on civilians and now police officers in Juarez, El Paso’s sister city just across the border, are reaching the levels that are worse than the most vicious war zones on the planet.  CBS is reporting that every police officer in Ciudad Juarez has been ordered to leave home and stay in a hotel after the killing of five officers by a local drug cartel. Just a week ago a local drug cartel threatened to kill one policeman a day unless Police Chief Julian Leyzaola resigns. The mayor of Juarez says the attacks carried out since then are a response to police action against drug cartels in the city across from El Paso, Texas.

The only remedy the Obama Administration has is to take away our guns in an attempt to stop the violence in Mexico.  It is a good thing the law-abiding citizens of Mexico have decided to start taking up arms to protect their towns.  Obviously Mexico needs to rethink their own gun laws and stay the hell away from ours.

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