#Occupier Drives Stolen SUV Up Steps & Into Entrance of Pittsburgh Convention Center; Flees Scene

He said the SUV was loaded with explosives.


The Post-Gazette has video:

A Pittsburgh Occupy protester drove a stolen SUV into up the steps and into the doors of the convention center. He said there were explosives in the car before fleeing the scene.
MSNBC reported:


An SUV was driven up the front steps of the downtown PNC Firstside Center and hit the entrance of the building on Tuesday afternoon.

Sources told Channel 4 Action News that, as the driver of the Hyundai Santa Fe fled the crash scene, he claimed to be with Occupy Pittsburgh and said there might be an explosive device inside the vehicle.

“He came down here and he stopped at the stop sign, and then he went straight up into the building. He didn’t go fast,” witness Ashley Corek said. “And then he got up and walked out, and then went up the street. That’s it.”

Pittsburgh police cordoned off the area for a while and set up a perimeter while a bomb squad unit investigated, but no explosives were found.

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