Leftist Mob Hurls Pi$$ Bombs at Police During Protest in Denver

What lovely people.
Leftist goons threw pi$$ bombs at police during a protest last night in downtown Denver.

FOX 31 reported:

Several protesters were arrested Saturday evening during a disruptive anti-police protest in downtown Denver.

According to Lt. Matt Murray of the Denver Police Department, at 7:30 p.m. close to 60-70 anarchist protesters started marching on 16th Street Mall.

The Mall Ride was forced to shut down as protesters allegedly threw urine-filled balloons, set off fireworks and sprayed painted several vehicles including an RTD bus.

Murray said a police car and several other vehicles were also tagged.

Five protesters were arrested and face charges including criminal mischief.

The group was allegedly protesting police brutality and not directly associated with the Occupy Denver movement.

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