General Apologizes to “Noble People of Afghanistan” For Koran Burning As Noble Afghans Behead 4 Civilians

The “noble people of Afghanistan” stoned Bagram Air Force Base in response to the Koran burnings.

Protesters throw stones toward US soldiers standing at the gate of Bagram airbase. The US commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, apologised and ordered an investigation into a report that troops “improperly disposed of a large number of Islamic religious materials which included Korans”. (AFP/Massoud Hossaini)

U.S. Gen. John Allen apologized to the “noble people of Afghanistan” today for the improper disposal — burning, apparently — of korans. The korans reportedly had extremist inscriptions written in them.
North Country Public Radio reported:

In a video that underscores how seriously the U.S. military and NATO are taking something that profoundly offends Muslims, the commander of international forces in Afghanistan today apologizes four times for what he says was the improper disposal — burning, apparently — of Qurans and other Islamic religious materials at Bagram Air Field north of Kabul.

Word of what U.S. Gen. John Allen says was the unintentional actions of some International Security Assistance Force troops on the base led to a protest today by more than 2,000 angry Afghans outside the air field, The Associated Press reports. The wire service says that some protesters shouted “die, die foreigners!” and fired shots into the air.

Meanwhile, in the Washer district of Helmand, the “noble people of Afghanistan” beheaded four people they accused of spying for the U.S., according to the Helmand governor’s spokesman. The Taliban denied any involvement in the executions.

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