Capital One Spokesman Alec Baldwin Calls Andrew Breitbart: “A Festering Boil on Anus of Public Discourse”

In December Capital One spokesman Alec Baldwin was tossed off an American Airlines flight after he refused to turn off his cell phone. He created a disturbance so loud they could hear him in the cockpit.

A flight attendant was the subject of a Twitter tirade from Alec Baldwin after the actor was booted from a plane at Los Angeles International Airport for playing a word game on his cell phone as the plane was about to depart for New York.

This weekend Alec went off on another Twitter tirade, this time against conservative Andrew Breitbart.

As NewsBusters reported, the attack did not go unanswered.
Breitbart responded,


“There’s NO REASON you should talk to me like I’m your daughter! @alecbaldwin.”

Which was in reference to Alec’s infamous outburst against his young daughter that was caught on tape.

More… Alec Baldwin must be vying for a lead role in Hating Breitbart, huh?

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