Barack The Benevolent

By Guest Blogger Dave Carter (A contributing writer for, Dave is a military retiree and currently works as a long haul truck driver)

Day by day, measure by measure, edict by edict, directive by directive, we are losing our country.  Immersed in the collectivist waters of academia, Good King Barack continues to inflict his benevolent vision upon the country regardless of the consent of the governed, the will of their elected representatives, or the Constitution he took an oath to uphold.  Neither proper respect nor the rule of law constrains a man who takes it upon himself to decide when the Senate shall be in recess for purposes of unconstitutional appointments, which laws he will or will not execute, what private contracts and services he will or will not order private citizens to purchase, and what freedom of religion he will or will not allow people of faith to practice.  For a guy who believes in a right to privacy, he sure meddles in our private lives a lot.

His latest mandate, forcing religious organizations to purchase health insurance plans that include contraceptives and abortifacients in violation of the central tenets of their faith, was merely the latest in a series of assaults against the moral and legal foundations of the country he seeks to “fundamentally transform.”   Faced with heavy opposition from people of faith across the political spectrum, President Obama Friday announced a “compromise” wherein he will require insurance companies to pay for these “preventive health services.”   Does your copy of the Constitution authorize the President to order insurance companies to provide free contraceptive and abortifacients?   I can’t seem to find it in my copy. And is it really a compromise to shift an unauthorized command from one entity, such as the church, to another?


Meanwhile, Mrs. Good King Barack visited Little Rock Air Force Base, on Thursday, where she announced a revamping of the items that will be served at military dining halls.  There will be whole grains, fruits, veggies, lean meats, low-fat dairy products and more in dining halls, vending machines, snack bars and, “…any other places where military families purchase food,” said the First Lady.  So when the troops finish their PT in the morning, they can munch on some foliage like a rabbit.

Can someone please get the Obamas on another His and Hers Jet Flight to Martha’s Vineyard?  Their vacations cost a lot less of our freedom than their time on the job.

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