Romney Takes The Sunshine State

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Mitt Romney has won the 50 delegates from Florida in his pursuit of the White House.

With almost all of the precincts reporting in the official vote count is as follows:

During his victory speech Romney sent the President a message by putting a twist on a quote from Thomas Paine:

“Mr. President you were elected to lead, you chose to follow, so now it’s time for you to get out of the way.”

Romney supporters are quick to use Florida in order to declare over all victory and the Republican nomination for Mitt.  But according to Newsmax, Gingrich says not so fast, this race will last another six months, unless Romney drops out:

“Newt Gingrich vowed on Tuesday to keep the Republican race for the White House going for six more months, despite poll predictions that he will lose heavily in the Florida primary.

He even said that the only way that the race will end much before August’s Republican National Convention in Tampa is if front-runner Mitt Romney drops out.”

Even though Romney’s 85 delegates puts him a long way off from the needed 1, 144 to claim the nomination, it does put him way ahead of the pack as the chart below displays (click to enlarge):

The next stop on the campaign trail is the state of Nevada and it’s 28 delegates. The fate of which will be decided through it’s caucuses on Saturday. But just like in Florida, Romney is expected to win Nevada by a wide margin.

Undaunted by this prediction, Newt Gingrich said to his crowd of supporters in Florida tonight:

“I will be back in Florida, as the Republican nominee in August.”

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