Newt Victory Speech – No More Bowing to Saudi King (Video)

Newt Gingrich slammed Obama tonight in South Carolina after his huge victory in the GOP Primary,

“I want America to become so energy independent that no American president ever again bows to the Saudi king.”

Newt went on to bash the Obama Administration over the Keystone Decision.

“An American president who can create a Chinese-Canadian partnership is truly a danger to this country.”

More… Here’s a terrific comment from SKinner on tonight’s results:

This is a great outcome for all Republicans. I am a Romney supporter but I LOVE this result.

Newt staying in the game benefits all of us wanting the best candidate in place to beat Obama.

It keeps Romney on his toes to sharpen his message and be bolder in future debates with Newt.

It keeps Newts in the game to do the same, and to keep hammering the media and slapping them about and drilling Obama non stop verbally.

It also gives the other States real opportunity to help select the nominee, making sure the candidates continue to spread their message and sharpen the focus on Obama.

It also forces the media and the Obama campaign to split their efforts and their focus on to two or more candidates for longer than expected.

Well done Newt!

I shall vote for the last man standing that competes with Obama.

This is GOOD news, a good outcome that bodes well for selecting the best nominee whom by then shall be well tested and ready to face Obama.

Thank you South Carolina!

And thanks to Dana Loesch for sending this pic from CNN’s broadcast tonight:

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