Massive Explosion in Laredo, Texas

There was a massive explosion in Laredo, Texas this morning. The local news is investigating.

The Laredo Police Department confirmed that a vehicle inside a garage near the 1400 block of Meadow caught fire and several propane tanks in the garage then exploded. (LMT Online)

Pro 8 News reported:

Pro 8 News crews are on the scene of a reported massive explosion near the Corpus Christi and Meadow Avenue area. Police have blocked off multiple roads as they investigate.

Preliminary reports indicate that the explosion occurred at a home or business. Witnesses nearby tell Pro 8 News that they saw debris and flames everywhere following the explosion. However it’s unclear how the explosion happened.

Viewers living in the Central and South Central part of Laredo have also flooded the newsroom with calls indicating that they heard that loud boom and items in their home shake.

We are working to get in contact with the spokesperson for the Laredo Fire Department but our calls have not yet been returned.

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