Daydreaming About a President Rick Perry

Rick Perry – Still here. Still running.


Alicia Colon at the American Thinker offers this praise for Governor Rick Perry today, via Free Republic:

“Daydreaming of a President Perry”

It’s too bad that his confrontation with Politico reporter Mike Allen didn’t come earlier in the campaign, because “You got a name?” makes a great sound bite on how to treat the left-wing media ambushes. It would also be the way he would probably confront world leaders who are not operating in our best interests — firm but unwavering. One thing is for certain: a president Perry would not be bowing to any Saudi potentate or any other world leader.

But of course, I’m daydreaming and wishing and praying and doing all I can to avoid thinking about who remains in the race. Rick Santorum is a good guy and a Catholic whom my nuns in high school would be supporting, as they did JFK in 1960, but I don’t believe that his policies would reduce our huge government. In a recent article on National Review Online, Brian Bolduc writes about the “overlooked virtue of the ex-senator’s: his pragmatism.”

Frankly, I don’t think pragmatism is what is called for at this time. Slash-and-burn is what is needed to reduce our multi-trillion-dollar deficit. When I read on The Drudge Report that Rupert Murdoch was for Rick because he had vision, I thought that he was talking about Perry, not Santorum. It is Perry who wants to reduce the salaries of Congress and send them home packing. It is Perry who wants to eliminate the useless Departments of Energy, Housing, and Education. It is Perry who wants to drill, baby, drill. It is Perry who would never have pulled our soldiers out of Iraq before complete stabilization was in place. It is Perry who has the experience to get this country back on its feet.

There are only two things this country has ever done right, and they are the space program and our military — both entities that this socialist administration and the Democratic Party gut at every opportunity.

Rick Perry could succeed with his policies only with a strong Tea-Party Congress, which only we can give him.

Yes, I am a daydreamer, but there’s something about that handsome coyote-killer that reminds me of Ronnie.”

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