CNN Florida Republican Debate

The CNN GOP debate in Florida is tonight.

CNN did not silence the crowd tonight.

Rick Santorum introduced his 90 year-old mother in the audience. That was nice.


The debate comes after 48 hours of Shock and Maul on Newt Gingrich.

First question in on illegal immigration – self deportation was a popular answer. It sounds like Obama’s plan – collapse the economy so their are no jobs for illegals.

Mitt Romney to Newt- The idea that I am anti-immigrant is repulsive.

CNN just factchecked Mitt on his own radio ad. Ouch!

Via Melissa Clouthier: Mitt inspires absolutely zero confidence on Obamacare. It is hard not to be furious at the GOP for elevating a candidate so weak on so many levels. Just frustrating.

Mitt Romney to Rick Santorum on Obamacare: “It’s not worth getting angry about.” Really?

Newt gives BEST closing remarks on beating Barack Obama – Simple choice is freedom and a paycheck versus dependence and food stamps.

CNN Debate Transcripts Posted Online (in 30 minute segments):

Video Posted on CNN Press Room:

Photos from the CNN Debate (Credit all images to David S. Holloway / CNN)


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