NY Gallery Displays Smelly T-Shirts From #OWS Radicals – Calls It Art

A New York artist decided to bring the stench of #Occupy Wall Street to the Doorways Gallery this week. 99 unwashed #OWS T-shirts are on display so you can experience the putrid smell of socialism.

The Doorways opened an olfactory #OWS display by artist Gayil Nalls this week.

The New York Post reported:

It’s political dis-scent: An olfactory artist has transported the stench of Occupy Wall Street from Zuccotti Park to a Staten Island art gallery.

“The Smell of a Critical Moment,” which opened yesterday at Doorways on Van Duzer Street, features 99 T-shirts that protesters wore for a week straight, without washing them.

Artist Gayil Nalls distributed new white tees to OWSers and on Jan. 12 collected the body-odor-drenched shirts to capture the revolution’s essence.

The park’s putrid smell became a major health concern before police raided the encampment in November.

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