Wrong Turn Obama

By Guest Blogger Dave Carter

(Dave Carter is a contributor at Ricochet.com, a retired military veteran, and current long haul truck driver.)

Boy, did this guy ever take a wrong turn at Albuquerque.  Evidently confusing the US with an old, sclerotic, autocratic, socialist third tier country in decline, President Obama said, “I am confident that the vision that we believe in so deeply and that we’ve worked so hard for is the vision that is truest to our history and most representative of the core decency of the American people.”  And what vision might that be, exactly?  “All of the things that we’ve done over the last three years–to rescue the economy and rescue the auto industry, and end the war in Iraq and make sure that health care is in place, and financial reform brings back some integrity to the financial sector…”


You do remember, don’t you, the part of the Declaration of Independence where Jefferson lamented that The Crown didn’t nationalize enough private enterprises in the colonies?  Or the emanation Madison wrote into the Constitutional penumbra about the individual mandate or the urgency of federalized health care?  Were we, “truest to our history and most representative of the core decency of the American people,” when we left the South Vietnamese to the tender mercies of North Vietnam, as we might very well be doing in Iraq?  Bill Clinton famously wondered about the meaning of the word, “is.”  Barack Obama might pause to reconsider the meaning of “core decency,” and what being true to our history entails.   If his initiatives were representative of the American Founding, why did he feel that the country needed a “fundamental transformation,” in the first place?  At best, he is being inconsistent.  At worst, he has confused us with Venezuela, and himself with Hugo Chavez.

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