Woman Who Pepper Sprayed Children to Get XBox on Black Friday Threatens to Sue Wal-Mart

On Black Friday a crazed woman pepper sprayed fellow shoppers and children to get to the Xbox 360 at a Wal-Mart in Los Angeles. She later turned herself in.

Now the woman, Elizabeth Macias, is threatening to sue Wal-Mart over the incident.
ABC reported:

A California woman who won’t face felony charges for pepper spraying Black Friday Walmart shoppers is considering a lawsuit claiming that the national retailer didn’t provide enough security for the post-Thanksgiving shopping spree.

Elizabeth Macias, 32, said she fired the stinging spray after shoppers attacked her two teenage children as they tried to obtain X-Box video game consoles for purchase, attorney Michael Champ, Macias’ lawyer, told CBS News’ Los Angeles station KCBS Friday.

At one point, her son was on the ground, being punched by a man and her daughter also was being punched and kicked, Champ said.
The teens were traumatized, he said.

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