Trumka: “I Pay More Than My Fair Share”

Posted By The P/Oed Patriot

Recently the head of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, was confronted about the amount of taxes he pays and the fact he is one of the wealthy as described by the President. When he was asked should he pay more and if he thinks he pays his fair share he responded:

“Yes. I pay more than my fair share I’m sure. But do I need to pay more? Yes.”

Mr. Trumka really seemed to become annoyed when he was asked if he supports the current program under the IRS where an individual can willingly pay more in taxes. He responded by saying:


“Look that’s a system that doesn’t work. Look you know if taxes were voluntary who would pay taxes? The rich ought to be taxed more that is a plain simple statement.”

What should be plain, simple and obvious is that Mr. Trumka talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk because if he did, he would be taking advantage of the IRS program and voluntarily paying more to the Government. Add on top of that he admits he is ‘wealthy’ but yet he is known to claim he is apart of the 99% and what do you get?

A class A Hypocrite… of the first degree.

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