There’s Nothing the Obamas Can’t Do

Michelle Obama has proudly announced that her October jumping jack fest has officially broken the world record for such kinds of meaningless indulgence.

The First Lady of the United States of America and Grandiose Self-Promotion claims that over a 24-hour period, 300,265 people participated. What she didn’t say was how many jumping jacks, on average, those participants executed. Personally, I’m guessing about three.

Mrs. Obama’s record now goes into the books right along with hubby Barack’s accomplishments for number of people on food stamps, number of people on long-term unemployment benefits, size of the U.S. debt, size of the U.S annual budget deficit, first credit-rating downgrade since World War I, and number of new federal government business regulations, among many other records.


Actually, I think we can safely say that in just three short years (or very long years, depending where on Obama’s entitlement priority list one falls), the Obama administration has racked up a record number of records, virtually all of a highly dubious nature.

Now, there’s something the first couple can jump up and down about. Not so much for most of the rest of us, though.

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