Slobbering over Hillary (and Bill, and Chelsea)

By SolidGround

Try to keep your gag reflex in check for this one, at least for a moment.

Yesterday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune carried an op ed piece by Chris Cillizza, of the Washington Post, lavishing praise on the Secretary of State for a “gold” year of accomplishments.


Yes, a “gold” year. It seems Hillary traveled to a lot of places, talked to a lot of people, and even contributed to the downfall of Moammar Gadhafi along the way.

I feel so much safer now. Don’t you?

Of course, never mind that Putin and company continue to relieve themselves on Obama’s leg, or that the State Department reversed course around ten times before finally throwing Mubarak off the boat, or that the bugger running Syria continues to butcher his people with impunity, or that Iran continues to flip us the bird while having a good laugh at our expense. The list of overseas failures, setbacks and embarrassments could go on and on. And on.

Little to none of the stumbling was Hillary’s fault directly, but as Americans’ daily point person on the international front, she is in reality just about as impotent as her boss. Both get a lot of press and praise for next to no substance.

Cillizza, however, is blind to it all.  He gets so caught up in genuflection that he simply can’t contain his bottomless admiration for the entire Clinton clan.  Bill’s new book is nothing less than a blueprint for true economic recovery. And of course Chelsea’s debut on NBC news brands her as force unto herself.

Oh, and just for good measure: CNN gauged Americans’ approval of HIll at 69% , and Obama now seems to be tearing pages straight from Bubba’s 1990s political playbook.

So there you are: The Clinton dynasty stirs anew.

You can go ahead and puke now.

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