BREAKING: Voters Are Smart, Fear Government Most

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I Am Ozymandias, King of Kings. Behold My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair

The President’s class warfare schtick doesn’t seem to be gaining nearly the traction that Axelrod had hoped, as Michael Goodwin reports in the Nation’s Newspaper of Record:

Woe is President Obama. His re-election already clouded by a bad economy and a chaotic world, he has picked a lousy time to run against the DNA of America.

Because, as much as we partisans like to mutter imprecations about how dumb voters are, voters are smarter here than anywhere else on the planet.


The [Gallup] poll finds that 64 percent of adults believe government is the largest threat to the country, far more than those who fear business or organized labor.
It’s not just Republicans (82 percent) and independents (64 percent) who feel that way. Now, 48 percent of Democrats also fear government most, up from 32 percent when Obama took office.

Obama’s attempted class warfare is not just a desperation move, though it certainly is that; he has nothing else to run on.

It’s a part of him. It’s what he grew up breathing, and he can’t wrap his overrated mind around the fact it’s not working in real life.

This vanity campaign that snuck in to take the levers of power of the greatest nation in world history will soon be over.

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