Australian PM Rearranges Deckchairs

 Guest Blogger Kennedy Smith (Catch him on Twitter if you can @TheKennedySmith)

Julia Gillard

Run! It's Nancy Pelosi!

Early morning world news from Australia, where our good friend from Down Under Tim Blair reports that Prime Minister Julia Gillard is polling at 29% . And you thought Obama had it bad. So she’s doing the usual thing and firing people nobody’s ever heard of (there’s an Innovation Minister?) in the hopes that voters will think she’s a dynamic leader. Way to take charge!

How did the biggest political implosion since the Whigs happen? Cap and Trade, basically. Coming into office, she said “Read my lips; no carbon tax” and then went and did it anyway, thinking people would really like what was in the bill once they passed the bill. Sic semper tyrannis. A lesson for the ages.

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