ATF Agent’s Open Letter to Eric Holder

(Kennedy Smith is familiar with only one drug cartel, based in Lynchburg,TN; pry it out of his cold dead hands @TheKennedySmith)

If It Weren't for Those meddling Kids at the Daily Caller

I try to remain cool and flippant at all times, but this is a disgrace, and a deadly one.  If you sell your own agents down the river, after putting them in danger of their lives for your ivory-tower political crusades, some of them might start to resent it.

From deep inside Mexico, thanks to streaming video, I was able to watch and listen to the entire House Judiciary Committee hearing. I’m a registered Independent – not Republican and not Democrat, so this is a non-partisan commentary.

He hits the nail on the head in regard to “Smart Power” of diplomacy being abused, as innocent lives are disregarded to score cheap points with the rearguard anti-gun Obama base:

Watching you in front of the Committee, for the first time in my life, you make me ashamed to be an American. Hell, Watergate was easier to understand….., and people didn’t die. How many people are going to be killed as a consequence of Fast & Furious?
How do I explain to my Mexican friends and associates why ATF has illegally armed Mexican criminal gangs? And no one has gone to jail, or been fired, or
suspended, or even identified…..?

Read the whole thing, from a true patriot on the front lines, being cut of at the knees to save face and give this hack a few more months in office.

UPDATE: We’re not being punk’d here. This is an actual letter from an actual agent.  See full details @ Nice Deb, linked above.


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