Aloha Big Spender !!

Posted by Flownover and Andrea Ryan

Obama’s Christmas Vacation Tab…over $ 4,000,000.  Not exactly roughing it, are they?

The Hawaii Reporter is on the story as the buzz in Oahu is all about the big bucks the First Family will be dropping on the taxpayer funded vacation.


The total cost for the 17-day vacation to Hawaii for the President, his family and staff has climbed to more than $4 million. Here’s why.

TRAVEL: $3,651,626

HOUSING: $151,200

…about $21,600 per home for approximately 7 houses rented … for security.

HOTEL: $72,216

The President’s staff and White House Press Corps stay at one of Hawaii’s oldest and most elegant hotels, the Moana Surfrider.


Total cost…an estimated $4,135,038.

But awww, he needs this break. All that hard work in Washington, and it’s getting too cold to play golf anyway.

Isn’t everybody taking a Four Million Dollar vacation this Christmas?  No.  But we’re all paying for it!

Here’s some music for their trip –

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