Pamela and Jim Crash #OccupyDenver Hobo Camp (Video)

After our panel discussion today at BlogCon11, Pamela Geller and I decided to wind down a little bit and check out the fun at Occupy Denver.

The hobos started up their bonfire early tonight.

The occupiers were laying out their blankets for the night ahead.

Pamela loves her some shopping.

She tried on a few items at the clothes giveaway tent.


We had a nice conversation with the camp leader.

The caped dog.

We danced a little to the leftie band.

Pamela was little tired from the long day of traveling, speaking, shopping and dancing…

So we laid down for a little nap.

It was a great time out at the Denver hobo camp.

Pamela has more pictures from the “dream date” at the tramp camp.

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