#Occupy OKC Shut Down After Remaining Hoboes Get Drunk & Beat Security Guard

As Nancy Pelosi would say – “God bless them.

The Oklahoma City Police Department shut down the #Occupy OKC squatters camp tonight after they discovered that only homeless people were camping there. It didn’t help that the hoboes all got drunk and beat their self-appointed security guard.
News OK reported:

According to a police report, officers were called to the park about 1:45 a.m. A transient who had been staying at the camp overnight said he was working security for the camp when other transients staying at the camp ransacked the encampment and threw chairs and trash cans at him after getting drunk.

Pictures taken by police show chairs, tables and trash cans overturned with food and other garbage strewed about.

No one was arrested, but a pregnant woman at the camp was taken to a hospital after complaining of stomach pains.

SandRidge had initially been granted permission to close all of Kerr Park starting Monday as part of a demolition phase of their construction project, but city officials worked with them to allow half the park to remain open. But even the open portion of the park would be dirty and noisy, rendering it unsuitable for the protesters’ use, Berry said.

Because of that and evidence that only known homeless people have been camping in the park of late, officials decided not to renew the permit, Berry said.

“I don’t know if the transients are part of the group or not. It’s kind of hard to tell,” Berry said.”There’s nobody really camping out. My people tell me that, at most, there are two to three people (camping out) overnight … and they’ve been able to identify most of those persons as simply just homeless people. There’s no longer any on-site responsible party for the park after hours.”

Congratulations #Occupy OKC.
You only had one protester die in a tent in your two months of squatting at the park and you ended your run with a good old-fashioned hobo fight.
Democrats must be very proud.

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