Hundreds of #Occupy Oakland Goons Smash Bank Windows – Roam Streets With Sticks (Video) …Update: More Video of Goons Smashing Store Windows

Hundreds of Occupy Oakland goons went on a rampage today in downtown Oakland. The protesters smashed bank windows and roamed the streets with sticks.

USA Today

Protesters supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement smashed the windows of a Wells Fargo bank branch in downtown Oakland on Wednesday during a day of demonstrations in protest of wealth inequalities.

A group of about 300 men, many wearing black, some carrying wooden sticks, was part of a group of hundreds who set out to cause a general strike in the area around City Hall. The smaller group smashed several windows of the Wells Fargo branch while chanting, “Banks got bailed out; we got sold out.” They also spray-painted an expletive on the outer wall of the bank. Employees were inside while this took place, but it did not appear that anyone got hurt.

Nearby, another group of demonstrators sat on the ground in front of a branch of Citibank, blocking one of the entrances and singing “

Michelle Malkin is following the latest violence.

UPDATE: The thugs and goons smashed up a Wholefoods Store.
The Daily Mail has video:

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