Figures… #Occupy Miami Protest Leader Led “Jews Go Back to the Ovens” Rally

In December 2008 Pro-Palestinian protesters at a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., took their anti-Israel rhetoric a step further, calling for the extermination of Israel — and of Jews.
“Go back to the ovens!”

Nazi Palestinian woman in the movie calls for Jews to ‘Go Back to the Oven’ at Anti-Israel Demonstration.

The organizer of this protest and several other anti-Israel protests in the Miami area was Mohammad Malik. Today, Malik is heading the local Occupy Miami movement.
World Net Daily reported, via Orbusmax:

The recent executive director of the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations’ South Florida chapter is a founder and spokesman of Occupy Miami, WND has learned.

Mohammad Malik currently is as an activist with several other Islamic groups.

He has led hate-filled anti-Israel protests in which participants were filmed wearing Hamas paraphernalia while chanting “Nuke Israel” and “Go back to the oven” – a reference to Jews being killed in the Holocaust.

Malik has been widely quoted in the Florida news media in recent weeks speaking for Occupy Miami.

The Miami Herald identified Malik as one of the organizers of Occupy’s Miami’s downtown campsite headquarters…

… Malik himself was the principal organizer of numerous anti-Israel rallies.

A rally in March was titled “Miami’s Third Intifada Rally for Palestine.”

During the demonstration, protesters reportedly chanted a slogan often used by Hamas and other Palestinian radicals calling for the destruction of Israel: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

A Malik-led rally in December 2008 reportedly drew 200 to 300 rowdy supporters, with some screaming for Jews to “go back to the ovens.”

Mohammad Malik led anti-Israel protests in Miami in March.

Malik taunted pro-Israel protesters in this 2009 protest. (Americans Against Hate)


Now Muhammad Malik is leading the local Obama-endorsed #Occupy Miami protests.

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