CNN – GOP National Security Debate From Washington DC

Live Blog: CNN Republican National Security Debate

This ought to be a great event tonight. The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute are co-sponsoring the debate.

You can send your questions via Twitter at #CNNDebate


Since it is on foreign policy, look for Ron Paul to drop a few US-bashing bombs.
Update: Paul doesn’t disappoint starts out talking about “needless wars.”

Well right off the bat… We all know that any of the candidates would do better than the Apologizer in Chief.

Newt to Ron Paul- Sorry Timothy McVeigh succeeded. Great applause.

Ron Paul compares terrorism to wife beating. Nuts.

Michele Bachmann: Obama has outsourced our interrogation to the ACLU.

Rick Perry: This is what I’d do with TSA. I’d privatize it as soon as I could and get rid of the unions.

Santorum: “We should be trying to find the bomber, not the bomb.”

Ron Paul: We’re not at war. This is a careless use of words. #Nuts

Jon Huntsman startled that he got applause – thanks the audience.

Mitt: We need to bring Pakistan into the 21st century. (How about the stone age?)

Ron Paul says he wouldn’t help Israel in an attack on Iran. Why does Israel need our help? Why should we send our money needlessly to Israel.

CNN Debate Transcripts Posted Online (30 min segments):

Video Posted on CNN Press Room:

Photos from the CNN Debate:



Newt: I would not bomb Iran without regime change.

Rick Santorum: This president has poisoned the well. He’s divided the country. (True)

** It’s obvious the GOP candidates look and sound better with each debate. And, they still have more than a dozen to go!

Ron Paul: We need to eliminate benefits to illegals. Cancel the war on drugs.

pushes amnesty for illegals? Did he forget where he’s at?

Perry says to secure the border first.

Romney Says we have to quit the magnets — (Romney gave healthcare to illegals in Massachusetts.)

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