CNBC Republican Presidential Candidate’s Debate – Live Thread

Weak Economy Takes Center Stage Tonight

The debate will focus almost exclusively on the economy tonight.
Governor Romney got a good applause – and Herman Cain did, too.

The debate hosts bragged about the smart people coming on tonight then introduced Jim Cramer(?)


Herman Cain says he will fix the US economy and secure the American currency to help out the European crisis. Cain says it will focus on the American economy and let Italy fail.

Mitt Romney agrees and says to let Italy fail. “We do not need to step in to bail out Europe or the banks here at home.”

The crowd is pro-Romney.

Romney is asked about his flip-flopping on abortion, healthcare, auto bailouts.

Romney uses his marriage as an example to show how he is steady and consistent – then forgets how long he’s been married.

Rick Perry- “If you are too big to fail, you are too big.”

Newt absolutely nails it again. “Fire Bernanke.”

Cain supporters boo legitimate question about the recent accusations against Herman Cain.

* * * * *

Mitt Romney says we need to get rid of Obamacare. People in the government cannot make more than those in the private sector.

Governor Huntsman says he’s the only one who has passed a flat tax in his state.

Newt Gingrich used the College of the Ozarks as an example of tuition plans that work. Another great answer.

Rick Perry is cut off while he discusses education.

Mitt Romney points on how the Chinese system is cheating Americans from jobs.
“I would label China a currency manipulator.” Penalize products where they are using stolen technology.

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